Friday, April 18, 2008

Riding to Sanderson

We had winds to 40 mph in camp during the night. Not much sleep. Luckily it stop by morning.

"Moon over the Windpump"

On the road again to Sanderson. It's Nick and Tom ahead.


The open road

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Marathon in the distance. The wind blew us into town.

Eileen's new friend. We were at the Gage Hotel for drinks and R&R.

Hey! You're in Texas now!

The Marathon area and the Big Bend National Park attracts many bikers.

After a few drinks, it's better to walk back to camp.

To Marathon We Go

My Buddy

Andy with cyclist who is riding east to west on the Southern Tier

Steve with his BOB trailer.

Eileen and Frank on the road.

We had a tailwind for the last 33 miles into Marathon.

Lunch Stop in Alpine

Long road to Marathon.

Frank and Eileen in the town of Alpine.

Great lunch spot.

Lunch time

Dee, Frank and Shirl with owner of cafe. He had a part in "There will be blood" as a Chevron buyer.

Fort Davis Rest Day

Eileen working on her bike

Frank diving into his pie at the Indian Lodge near our camp.

Frank and Doug working into the night on Dave's recumbent

Old Fort Davis

Tom on the road to Marathon. It was an easy with favorable winds.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

From Las Cruces to Fort Davis

After a difficult stretch of riding, it's good to have another rest day in Fort Davis. I'm short on time, so I'll try to give a summary of the last four days.

The sad news during this period is Jeff's decision to end his tour due to medical reasons. We were all surprised and sadden by this news, but we all understood his concerns and reasoning. We will all miss him, especially Tom and I because he had ridden with us since the beginning of the tour. We wish him well.

Dave was also taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons in Van Horn after suffering a stomach disorder and missed the ride from Van Horn to Fort Davis. The cause was inconclusive. However, after a day of rest and lots of fluids, he is now back with us in Fort Davis. Welcome back Dave.

Now, for the riding! During this section of the tour, we encountered heavy traffic through El Paso, endlessly long open roadway that stretched to the horizon, and windy conditions. We had been fairly fortunate thus far with the riding conditions. However, the wind during this section often turned into strong headwinds which made the going much more difficult and tiring. Fortunately, Tom and Jeff was with me so we took turns at the head of the group riding into the wind. I still feel good physically and my mental disposition is great so I'm enjoying each day's ride and the ever changing landscape as we begin our long journey through Texas. I hope the pictures below give you a sense of our day. I'm at the local library in Ft Davis. The kids have just gotten out of school and are anxiously waiting for my computer so "Goodby for now". Herb

Ft Davis and a Rest Day

Note the sign

Scene around the Davis Mountain State Park. Note the Javelina in the pathway

It's a rest day! (It's Shirl catching up on her reading.)

Town of Fort Davis, County Courthouse

Road to Fort Davis

Her husband is riding 12,000 miles around the US

Go Tom and Andy, they're head to head

The road to Ft Davis goes over a mountain

Great views

The observatory, we're almost there

Van Horn and Beyond

Did I say the roads are long? On I-10

Add an hour, we're now in the Central Time Zone

Leaving Van Horn

The endless roads

Tom and Andy

Riding to Van Horn

It's a sad day. Jeff (center) leaves for home due to medical reasons.

Moving on without our friend Jeff

The long roads to Van Horn

Lunch stop in Sierra Blanca

It's another long day

To Fort Hancock

Getting there! It was a windy day with lots of headwinds.

Stop at store in Ft Hancock for drinks and ice cream

Main Street?

Our accommodations in Ft Hancock, a Methodist Church

Good Night!