Saturday, May 31, 2008

Back Home

It has been three days since I returned home and the demands of daily life threatens to consume my thoughts as I try to reflect upon our cross-country journey. It was a great ride. Alas, all good things must eventually come to an end and so our tour across the southern States ended on the sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean on a warm day under an expansive blue sky. Like everyone, I was sad for our journey’s end, but glad to finally finish. In the end, the group was more like a family on the road. Throughout the endeavor, we helped and supported each other, accepted our differences, and stayed focused on our common cause. I had dreamed of riding cross-country, but the actual experiences of this journey were truly so much more than I could have imagined. I had some minor physical difficulties and a case of the flu during the last two weeks, but the ride was a complete joy to have done. It is difficult for me to put into words all that had transpired, so I hope the pictures have given you a good sense and feel for our journey. For me, the fulfillment of one dream seems only to inspire new dreams. So, I’m looking forward to what the future unfolds. My thanks to Andy MacIntyre, the gang, and to you for your notes and well wishes.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Around St. Augustine

Our Dinner Celebration

Frank presents Andy with gifts from the gang for a "ride" well done...

That should help on Andy's next tour, the Northstar, if the going gets tough..

Goodbyes are always so difficult after such a great experience

Nick ponders after receiving the infamous "doorknob" for good. It was passed from rider to rider through the trip.

Eileen gives the verbal awards... Most flats, No flats, fastest...

Best of Luck Mattie in your future, whatever you decide.

Going to the Atlantic Ocean

We ended our journey by riding to the Atlantic Ocean.

It was a great trip Tom, better than I could have imagined.

Photo time you guys...

Tom, Dick and I

Frank and Andy celebrate...

That's one way to dip your wheel...

Frank and Eileen congratulate each other...Great job!

The beach scene around us....

It was a great journey for all of us...

Our Last Day to St Augustine

Frank enjoying the morning on the Hwy 17 bridge to East Palatka.

Steve and Dave leading the way out of Palatka. It our last day, so enjoy!

First Baptist Church in Hastings.

View of the St. Johns River along the CR 13.

Nick enjoying the ride along the St. John River.

Doug leads the way.

Frank and Eileen: Everyone rode with a smile in their hearts today.

View of the St. Johns River along the CR 13.

Our last stop at Molasses Junction before riding into St. Augustine.

We did it!!! St Augustine....

Tom rides through the historic section of downtown St. Augustine.

Mattie, who arrived yesterday, walks Tom and Doug to the Pirate Haus

Our Youth Hostel, the Pirate Haus, was located in the heart of the historic city.

To Palatka and Blue Crab Festival

Dee leading the way to Palatka.

Everyone is enjoying the last days of the tour. Tomorrow is the last day.

The William Penn Motel: "This is an awesome room!"

Carnival rides at the Blue Crab Festival.

River view from the festival.

Nick and Doug enjoying the food, crafts, music and activities along main street.

View from our room at the William Penn Motel.

Dinner was at Angel's Diner, one of the oldest in the city.

There was plenty of room at the counter..

Sunset along the St. Johns River

We don't have clouds like this at home.

Night photo from our motel.

Night photo from our motel.