Monday, May 5, 2008

From Merryville to Oberlin

Aede working on his bike.

The gang in front of the Museum. Dave on the left (back) is a solo cyclist riding east to west on the Southern Tier.

Mattie and Eileen enjoying the evening.

Tom on the road to Oberlin just before the rain started. Wheat field in the background.

County Courthouse in DeRidder.

In Oberlin, we camped at the firehouse. This is Chief Kelly and his wife Belinda.

Mattie taking it easy at the firehouse in Oberlin.

Our place for dinner and breakfast in Oberlin

Owner of the cafe and Andy; "it's always a pleasure."


It was great home cooking for 16 hungry cyclist.

Our camp around the museum.

Group strategy on our upcoming crossing of the Mississippi River. The ferry out of St. Francisville is closed due to flooding.

Picture inside the Museum.

Dick doing some bike maintenance during our rest day.

At Merryville

Sandra gives Shirl a needed cut.

With Frank's wild hair, a bowl is needed to keep it all under control.

Nick had gone shopping on the way to Merryville. Nice shirt!

Dave with his new shirt as well. Looking sharp!

Dinner is served by Linda, Max, and Greg

To Merryville, Louisiana

A buffet breakfast in Shepherd. It was hard to ride after..

After 22 days, it's goodbye to Texas and....

...Hello Louisiana

Lounging at the museum in Merryville

Shirl rode with the pink jersey today.

To Silsbee and beyond

Tom sharing the road with the trucks.

Stay in the bike lane if you value your life.

Red Cloud RV Park in Silsbee.

Miss Tina who was very nice, is the new owner of the RV Park.

Tom on Hwy 96 to Merryville. The clouds above is the line between the northerly and southerly fronts. After clouds passed over us, the southerly wind became a northwind, a headwind.

From Coldsprings to Silsbee

Tom and Andy on the road. Tom likes to ride hard so it's a workout.

Tom taking a break on a busy road.

Group break time on the road (Nick, Andy, Dee, and Jan).

Steve taking a needed nap on the roadside.

Do as Andy does: Always look before crossing.

To Coldspring

Tom leaving Navasota. This eastern section of Texas is more like the terrain of Louisiana.

Dick having another awesome day as usual.

At the Double Lakes Campground near Coldspring.

Dee, Eileen and Frank enjoying the water at the lake.

We met Shaun at the campground. He was there for a mountain bike race over the weekend. He also joined us for breakfast in Shepherd.

Navasota and Beyond

Our camp in the Navasota County Park was next to the local airport.

Tom leaving Navasota on Hwy 90.

Yesterday was Doug's. Happy Birthday! He gets to wear the pink jersey today.

Mattie on break, "There's plenty of time for rushing when it's all done".

Store in Anderson for a break.

On the road to Navasota

Andy normally rides "sweep" each day helping us bike problems and anything else that happens.

Eileen and Jan going through the train tunnel.

Eileen and Frank, always be aware of what's behind when on the road.

Kristina on the road. She's a strong steady rider.

Impromptu rest stop in Independence.

Carmine and on to Navasota

Again, this is Texas, home of the longhorns.

Rick and Jane are doing the Southern Tier on the own.

On the road to Navasota

Dee and Shirl on the road.

Pastoral landscape stretches to the horizon.