Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rest Day: Scenes from Austin

Our motel , the Rodeway Inn, for two nights was beside the freeway so it's quite noisy. However, the rest day in Austin was welcomed by everyone after 9 straight days of riding. During this time, we encountered a lot of wind and also transitioned from the dry desert climate to the higher humidity of the Southeastern States. I found the Texans to be forthright and friendly, and the landscape varied, wide-opened, and interesting. I'm enjoying the visual transformations of the land as we proceed across this state and the country. As for Austin, I am surprised by how much I liked the cityscape, cultural diversity, art, architecture, and terrain surrounding this city. We spent our rest day sightseeing around the city with one of the local tour operations. It was time well spent! During our stay, we ate at Ethiopian, Vietnamese, and Mediterranean restaurants. Herb

Tom, Aede, Shirl, Doug and I decide to take a bus tour of the city.

It was an excellent tour and it gave me a good overview of the city.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Austin, Texas

The traffic was heavy go through downtown, but it's a beautiful city.

The Capitol.

Tom and I stop at Starbuck for a "Frappuccino".

From Blanco toward Austin

The County Courthouse in Blanco!

Scene from the Blanco State Park

Dee on the road with a smile.

The ladies taking a break in Wimberley

Tom in the streets of Austin.

Road to Blanco

Taking a break in Sisterdale even though the store was closed.

More rusted vehicles.

Eileen riding the last stretch toward Blanco.

Frank, "there's always one more hill to climb..."

Tom heading downhill into Blanco.

On the road to Blanco

Waring General Store.

When bike touring, always carry enough food and water because stores in the smaller towns may be closed.

Wonderful backroads between Waring and Sisterdale

Nick riding the backroads

Sisterdale! Sorry, the store is closed.

Riding to Comfort

A long the Guadalupe River.

A unique fense with boots of all types.

Is it red enough?

Sorry, the library in the old town of Comfort did not open unitl noon. May as well get going.

Tom and I on the road again after leaving Comfort

Lost Maples to Comfort

We had a 7% climb just out of camp. We had to wake up fast!

Now where do we go?

We crossed the Guadalupe River more than a dozen time going to Hunt.

Doug flying down the road.

Unique homes along the Guadalupe River, definitely an upscale area.

Lost Maples State Natural Area

West Frio River as we headed out of Leakey.

Preparing dinner. Mattie's friend Isabell (left) planned the meal and brought all the food.

Is it dinner time yet?

Late evening in the park. Camping on grass is a real treat.

Late evening light.

Riding to Lost Maples State Natural Area

The Nueces River along Hwy 55

Rusted old vehicles are a common sight.

Climbing the steep rolling hills to Leakey

Shirl enjoying the downhill to Leakey

Local art in Leakey

Dooley House and Beyond

Tom, Mattie and Frank relaxing on the porch. There's always some bike stuff to do.

Doug enjoying the local birding.

Christina and Shirl preparing dinner. We had a great dinner of baked chicken, baked potato, mixed vegetables, and strawberries.

Tom crossing the Nueces River Bridge as we head to Lost Maples.

View from the bridge.