Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First Rest Day

Today is our first rest day after 8 days and 400 plus miles of riding. I've been looking forward to this day for some time now. This is also the first chance I have to actually update the blog directly. Kay has been doing a great job updating this site with the previous posts.

Yesterday, we rode 69 miles rather than the 55 shown on our schedules. It always seems that the distances are a little farther than shown. However, we are all getting used to the daily riding, so it's getting easier and yesterday's terrain was mostly flat. The ride to Tempe started off on quiet highways, but ended with 35 miles of mostly city riding through Surprise and Phoenix. Along the way, we stopped at the Performance bike shop so people could get their bikes adjusted and buy needed gear. More weight was the last thing I wanted. The traffic was heavy through the city, but we all made safely to the Motel 6 in Tempe. I'm sharing my room with Jeff who is one of my daily riding partners along with Tom. Our pace is very similar so we make a good team on the road.

I can hardly believe how far we've already ridden and the time is going by fast. I will have to conclude that touring with ACA is very nice because we don't need to be concerned about our overnight accommodations and food. Andy does the arrangements and has the strategy for food each day. All we need to do is ride and enjoy the ever changing landscape. Also, Andy's laid back attitude and humor is perfect for us newbies on this cross country tour.

It's time to go check the college area of Tempe. More later!

Our Motel in Tempe

The gang having dinner at a fast food Chinese restaurant

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geno said...

Herb: Looks like it was your turn to cook again!

Nice assortment of pics captures the essence of the tour.

Continued safe riding and enjoy...