Friday, May 16, 2008

Heading for Milton

Steve riding along the beach front on Hwy 182.

Condominium Development abound.

Now I'm in Florida and there's just about 500 miles to go.

Developments line the coast from Alabama to Florida.

Shirl heading into Pensacola.

Checking out the local bike shop. I also needed inner tubes.

Waterfront homes in Pensacola.


The I-98 bridge, the one we didn't need to ride. Thank goodness!

Looks like rain is on its way.

And rain it did. We stayed in DQ for about an hour before heading out.

Shirl waits patiently.

Andy leads us back onto the road.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Herb:
We've never met but I'm Rob, Dee's husband. Dee has loved her riding companions from the start of your journey. i also wanted to thank you for your talents with a camera and ask for permission/ forgiveness for posting many of your great photos onto Dee's site. Cameras have never been one of Dee's strong suits. I hope, sometime in I will have a chance to meet you. Thanks for being a part of Dee's great journey.
Kind Regards,
Rob Rosenberger