Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First Ride Day, San Diego to Alpine

We all had our bikes loaded and ready to go by 8am, and enjoyed a pancake breakfast before hitting the road. To leave San Diego, we had our first climb of the ride, and the temperature was in the 80's. It fell quite hot to me since we have been in the 60s and low 70s back in Sacramento.

At the Point Loma Youth Hostell getting ready to start the ride.

It was a long day and we had two mishaps during the day. One cyclist's chain broke, and another cyclist had a difficult time with the climb but was able to hitch a ride from a nice samaritan.

After stopping at a grocery store to purchase items for dinner and arriving at our campsite around 6pm, we did enjoy a delicious dinner of salad, roasted chicken and mash potatoes.

Tuesday morning we head out and have another long climb and head to Ocotillo, which is approximately a 60 mile day.


riptidejo said...

jay o. here... 60 miles is nothing for you! glad that you are doing it and not me..., ha, ha, just kidding. enjoy the ride, the wind over your face, the company, the food, relax and enjoy the moment.

Darlene said...

Just curious...throughout the course of your ride during the day, are all of you staying together in one group?...small groups?...the buddy system? Was also wondering how the meals are being handled...does food have to be purchased daily?

Anonymous said...

Herb: We are enjoying the ride with you! It all sounds great.
We understand your longing for your recumbant. Say, we are going to San Diego (with a truck) on Sat Mar 29. If you want, we could bring it to you in either Hope or Wintenburg, AZ Would your gear fit? just an idea...we are willing..call us: (209) 406-4607 asap if you think it would work! Debbie and Dennis