Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Arrival in San Diego

After an early morning flight on Saturday, I am relieved to write that both my bike and I landed safely in San Diego. After spending two hours at the terminal unboxing the bike, loading up the panniers, and talking with curious passers-by, I was ready to go.

I rode off to meet up with the other members of the tour at the Point Loma Hostel where we are spending the weekend until we actually take off Monday morning.

After having lunch, I rode to enjoy a view of the ocean. In the evening, the entire group met with the ride leader, and discussed the protocals and how the group will operate together each day. With answers to my questions, I can now relax and start enjoying this adventure.

Majority of the other tour members also arrived on Saturday. As some of you may know that I had a hard time deciding which bike to take on the tour...recumbent (for comfort, but tough on the hills) or my tour bike. There are two recumbents on the tour, making me wish I had brought the recumbent....oh, well.

Today was a day of group discussions and a Shakedown ride through San Diego. Tomorrow it is Hit the Road Day. I'm excited.

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geno said...

Hey Herb!
Glad to hear you and gear arrived intact and OK. Now, you're officially off on the adventure of a lifetime. On the first big climb, you'll be happy you're on a wedgie!!
Bon Voyage buddy!
Looking forward to your next report.