Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who's Who!

Excerpts of e-mails from some of the riders:

“I'm Steve Shapland from Aurora, CO. I'm currently in Yuma, AZ. I'm a retired software engineer. I consider woodworking my primary hobby. I'll be celebrating my 60th somewhere in the vicinity of Mobile, AL. I've done 2 Ride The Rockies (6-7 day supported rides) and numerous MS150s 2 day supported) in Colorado. It has been a few years since I've done any serious riding, but I've managed to rack up 1K miles this year. I'm riding a 2007 REI Novara Randonee with front panniers and dragging a BoB YAK...” Steve

“Hi All--It's been nice to hear from some of the group. My name is Dee Reddick, and I live on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am really excited about our upcoming trip. I am a retired nurse, and currently own a small women's fitness center (Curves) near my home. I love to ride but most of my riding has been Rails to Trails. My family and I spend much of our free time in the small town of Ohiopyle, PA., where we love to raft and kayak. The Pittsburgh to D.C. bike trail runs right through the center of town. My bike was built by a frame builder in California named Bruce Gorden and is already en route to a San Diego bike shop for finishing touches. I look forward to meeting you all -- and beginning our journey...” Dee

“Hi everyone, I'm Tom Gamage age 57 from Watertown NY, 20 miles from the Canadian border on the eastern end of Lake Ontario. I've done a supported cross country on a northern route in 2006, a self contained Pacific Coast from Bellingham WA to San Francisco last Sept with Adventure Cycling and a few 2-3 week self supported solo trips. My training for this trip has cross country skiing and indoors on bike trainer due to snow covered roads and cold temperatures. I'm really looking forward to getting away from winter and starting this trip. I'll be arriving at the hostel in San Diego on the 19th. Looking forward to seeing everyone...” Tom

“Hello all! I'm Eileen McGinnity from Conifer CO (in the foothills west of Denver, at about 9,000' elevation ASL). My husband, Frank Fransioli, and I will be joining this merry band and are really excited about it. My cycling has been mostly one-week-long supported rides such as Ride the Rockies 10 or so times, a ride across Indiana, and some weekend rides such as Courage Classic. We also did a couple of self-supported rides across Colorado. I am a recently retired principal of a Denver-based health care consulting company. I look forward to celebrating my 53rd birthday wherever we may be on April 20...”

“Hi everyone! My name is Kristine (age 58) and I live in a four-flat on the northside of Chicago - not all that far from Wrigley Field. I've been looking forward to The Southern Tier for months now, but it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that it finally hit me - it's actually going to happen! Like many of you, I've cycled a number of supported rides - three in Michigan and one in Missouri. I've been biking to work for many years, but my commute is a mere three (flat) miles. This will be my first self-contained ride and I have a new Cannondale Women's Warrior and Yak to break in. I teach a few Writing Composition classes to college freshman and I've been at Barnes & Noble Bookstore part-time for ten years...” ~KM

“Hi guys! Its great hearing from everyone! My name is Richard Beeman (Dick) from San Diego and looking forward for many years to this ride. I've been on many self organized, self contained tours in the past 15 years but never more than 7 days at a time. Now that I'm a retired Physician Assistant and Army Officer (age 61) I have the time and permission from my still working wife to do some things I have been dreaming about. See you all soon...” Dick Beeman

Hi all. With only a week until the start of our adventure I thought it was time to chime in with a brief email introduction. I am Jeff Holm, recently retired from WA State government service and looking forward to our upcoming trip. My most recent self-supported touring experience was several years ago - a three week trip my wife and I took on our tandem across the Northern Cascades to Glacier MT. I will be riding a new Surly LHT on the Southern Tier and am looking forward to discovering the zen of extended touring with you all. I will be arriving in San Diego on the 21st. Until then.........Jeff


javageno said...

Hey Herb:
Sounds like a nice group of riders and some very experienced.
Now, aren't you gonna' post what you said about yourself.
OH, don't be modest....

dAwN said...

Hi Herb,
Dawn and Jeff saying hello...found your link thru Genos blog...sounds like a great trip ahead for you. I tried to subscribe with the link you had on the bottom...but for some reason it didnt work for me. Said something about subscribing in a reader..i usually use google or yahoo...anywho...we look forward to reading your blog of the trip...
say hi to kay for us...