Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bon Voyage

During the past weeks, I've gotten together with family and good friends whom all have cheered me onward and wished me well on my great journey. I also received e-mails of encouragement and support from friends afar.

For some time now as Kay would attest to, I had been overly intense and focused on the equipment needed for the tour as well as training, and dealing with nerves and anxiety. Seeing and hearing from family and good friends, like the Masuda’s and the Fraschetti’s, forced me out of myself and allowed me to air my feelings and concerns, and to laugh at myself. Surely, this will be long and hard, but I’ll just have to take it one day at a time. Bike touring has been an activity that I have loved doing and now I have a chance to do something that many touring bicyclist have dreamed about. The support and talks with everyone seemed to settle me and reminded me of my dream to ride across the country. As I write this, I am still nervous, but I’m also excited about the adventure ahead. Next Saturday, I will fly to San Diego to begin my journey.

Below is a picture of long time friends from the Lodi and Stockton area during a gathering to send me off. We met in the early ’90 while riding the California Tour North, a supported 5-day bike tour through Sacramento to San Francisco. We spent a leisurely day riding tandems from South Sacramento through old town and the popular midtown area followed by dinner. Their excitement for me and well wishes warmed my heart.

I am truly thankful for good friends and family. It’s time to get packing!

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