Friday, April 11, 2008

Check Out the Links

Hi All,

Had a great riding today from Arrey to Las Cruces. We are staying at the home of Ed and Kristy. Thank you! They are great Hosts. The ride today was just under 60 miles and mostly flat with a few rolling hills. The wind is still blowing 10-20 mph, but it is mostly a side or tail wind. This is big sky country with breath-taking views and landscapes. The pictures below tell the story of the last two days. Running out of time! Check out Frank's and Dee's Blog on this tour. Links on the left column.


Darlene said...

Really enjoying the pics, Herb.

Okay, since Dee holds the record for the most flats (that poor woman!), I'm betting you haven't even had one...right?

Do you have a Texas drawl yet? If not, you no doubt will by the time you guys finally make it out of that state!

Anonymous said...

Herb: We are glad to see what a fantastic photographer you are! Also: what does bumbleberry pie taste like? Looked great...
Kev, Bella, Den and I did a tandem-
ride today and thought of you; were your ears burning? Someone passed us on the road and called out "PEDAL POWER!" so that's what we leave you with tonight...
Debbie and Dennis

Liz said...

Is is lovely to see what is happening , (This is one of Shirl's friends) an arm chair participation is the best way to do this ride! Good luck to you all,

riptidejo said...

What's going on over there? It's already the 15th, and you know what that means..... it's tax time, buddy, in case you have forgotten. You and Willie Nelson will be spending some time together. Don't you worry about that for now and just ride on. Maybe you've got Willie's songs to cheer you on on your iPod?
jay o.