Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Second Rest Day at the Black Range Lodge

This is our second rest day and we are staying at a historic Bed and breakfast, the Black Range Lodge in Kingston, NM. It's good to have another opportunity to update this blogsite directly. Thanks Kay for your continual updates.

The 45-mile ride to Kingston started from Silver City with mostly steep rolling hills followed by @ 18 miles of climbing over Emory Pass at 8,225 feet. The scenery was fantastic, however this was one of the most difficult days so far. Tom and I stopped numerous time during the last miles to rest, catch our breath, eat, and enjoy the views. The grades were not too steep, but it was just a long long climb on tired legs to start with. The vista near the pass to the east was breath-taking. Our day ended with an 8-mile downhill into Kingston.

The rest day gives me a chance to post more pictures and to reflect on the past week. On news from home, I was shocked and sadden to learn that our dear friend Patti Masuda, wife of Geno, had passed away. Geno and I have been friends for the past 12 years after he invited me to participate on a 2-week loaded bike tour in Colorado. Since that time, Geno and I have ridden countless miles together and traveled together along with Patti and Kay both near and far. I will always remember our trips to Costa Rica and Belize as well as the many other good times together. Besides being a gifted and creative person, travelling was definitely one of Patti's passions. Over the years, we have done much together and it's difficult to recall it all. As I rode the roadways this past week, memories would surface and I found myself crying within where no one could hear.

When I first decided to do this ride across the country ride, I can still remember so clearly how excited Patti had been for me. She and Geno have always encouraged me to follow my dreams and to enjoy life to the fullest which may have led to my early retirement. Kay and I will miss Patti dearly. "Geno, my journey across the country had been wonderful so far, but I am also sad that I can not be at home during this most difficult of times for you. Know only that I have you and Patti in my heart and mind. I will finish this tour and and in my heart, dedicate this ride to Patti." Herb

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geno said...

Herb: Please don't feel conflicted. Patti would want you to complete the tour and fulfill your big dream. She would not want it any other way.
Just think that now you have an angel stoker riding along with you. She will keep you safe and make sure you finish.
Soar like an eagle my friend. The breeze you feel in your face is the breath of our new little angel.