Sunday, April 20, 2008

What Is With This Texas Wind

For the last few days, Texas wind has been with us day and night. Constantly changing direction, head wind, side wind, tail wind... it was endless. Whipping wind of 45 mph kept us company on our entire ride from Fort Davis to Marathon.

The western side of Texas is pretty much desert. The towns are small and there is not much to offer in service or food in the grocery stores. Our ride Friday from the town of Marathon to Sanderson was 54 miles with only peanut butter/jelly sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. Dinner consisted of sloppy joe on bread/rice. I think I'm ready for some good chinese food.

Saturday's 85 mile ride to Seminole Canyon was a long day. Leaving Sanderson at 8am, fighting head wind the last 40 miles, we pedaled an avg. of 6 mph. It was so bad, we even had to pedal to go downhill. The bikes were shaking and rocking in the wind. Tom and I made it into town at 6pm.

As we start entering into the middle of Texas, the terrain is starting to change, leaving the desert and coming onto open plains and ridges, but not mountainous.

Today we rode to Del Rio and along the way, we came across dark clouds and a light spit of rain, and humidity. The temp tonight is suppose to be only 60 degrees. Major climate change for us.

We celebrated Eileen's birthday today with a great dinner of spaghetti and salad. Happy Birthday, Eileen and thanks for the beer!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Herb -
I hope you get out of Texas soon! No state to be stuck in. I've enjoyed your commentary, wish you well, hope to see you upon your return.

Best wishes, ~ Peter Saucerman