Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Santa Fe Canoe Outpost in High Springs

A coastal mist was in the air this morning.

It was humid, but it's not too uncomfortable when riding.

The linger morning mist overshadowed the colorful wildflowers by the roadside.

Today, Tom, Doug, Shirl and I rode an easy pace through the scenic wetlands.

Our stop in Wellborn for breakfast. Kristina and Steve enjoying the morning.

Steve with the local chef.

Canoes at the Santa Fe Canoe Outpost.

Our outdoor shower at the Outpost. Not much privacy here. It wasn't a hot shower, but the cool water felt very good.

We camped in the woods along the riverbank.

Reflections on a slow moving river.

A group of us decided to rent canoes for an outing.

Paddling through an overgrowth of water hyacinth.

Mattie and Doug, both are winners.

Dee and Andy, there's a lot of experience here.

Shirl and Steve; you look like a pro Steve.

Tom; "Saw a lot of turtles and birds, but no alligators."

Mattie; "I'm drinking for tomorrow."

Steve enjoying his pipe after an afternoon on the river.

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Teresa said...

I have enjoyed watching your journey. Please be safe.