Friday, March 21, 2008

Breakfast at Harry’s

This morning, the day before my departure, I met with good friends Geno and Dick for a last farewell breakfast at Harry’s Café, one of our favorite eateries in the downtown area of Sacramento. It is small, nicely decorated, locally owned, and serves great coffee and food in a very relaxed atmosphere. A good place to sit and talk about the events of the day during the lull of a work week morning! Unplanned, my brother Tom and his partner Bob also happened to be there this morning, so I had a great time visiting with everyone. The first picture shows Dick, Geno and I and the second is of Tom and Bob.

Locally, the warmth of spring has taken hold and the air permeates with the fragrances of many colorful blossoms that reside in this region of the valley along the Sacramento River. It’s a good time of year, my favorite, so it’s hard to think I’m leaving for two months on such a difficult journey when everything around, in nature and locally, is so inviting and joyously anew with winter’s end. But, alas, my sojourn is just ahead and I must hold steadfast to my vision. For, there is much to be discovered about myself and the world below my shores.

See you on the road, Herb

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