Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Packed and Ready To Go

Well, I've said my "Goodbyes" and all my family and friends are back about their lives after wishing me well. Now, I'm all packed and ready to go, but I still have a few days before leaving. It does feel good however to have everything packed. After many months, I'm one final step closer to the big trip. I can only hope the bike makes it through the flight undamaged. To help in that cause, I'm using the largest bike box available (69x40x9) in hopes that it necessitates added or special attention. The box contains primarily my bike with empty panniers attached for protection. Most of the equipment is in the duffle bag which will be checked in and the backpack contains mostly clothing.

Mentally, I'm tired of training and just want to start riding for better or worse. Physically, I don’t feel I’m in top condition since I have had to fight with some comfort issues and minor injuries during training. Either way, it’s a go. What ever happens in the future will happen. My plan is to ride easy and enjoy.

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