Friday, February 29, 2008

The Bike

After a lot riding and a variety of adjustments, it looks as if this will be the bike I take on Southern Tier Tour. I originally thought to take my recumbent, but I really don't like working so hard on the climbs.

I am amazed how small adjustments impact comfort and ride ability. Several adjustments worth noting are:

  • The steer tube extension by Delta which allows me to raise the height of the handlebar to maximize comfort.
  • The addition of auxiliary brake levers on the top part of the handlebar so I can ride more upright safely.
  • The change from my Brooks (with a cutout) to the Selle Anatomica saddle.
I have ridden with the Brooks saddle for the past year. However, after my last long hard ride in the foothills east of Ione, I decided to give the Selle Anatomica another try. I’m a cautious and conservative person, so I’ll only say; “So far, so good!” Selle Anatomica saddles are made of leather similar to the Brooks, but the center ridge of the saddle has been cutout and the leather is softer. The saddle is well known for its comfort by those who have used them.


javageno said...

I hope the virtual tours are working out the kinks. Pretty funny, guy!
Andrew, the ride leader, sounds like a interesting fella'. We expect only hi-quality pics after his tutorials.
Looks like you're almost squared away with all the fine-tuning. Good luck and keep on blogging.

Biking Viking said...

Hit the road, dude! For us armchair travelers, sitting in front of a monitor, you're our surrogate out there so your blogs will be read with great interest and your photos studied carefully.
Not feeling fully prepared? You'll be 100 percent in a few days and it'll be downhill ALL the way after that.
Rubber down, Herbie, and Good Luck throughout!
-The Biking Viking