Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Gang

This will be an international group of riders. Including the ride leader, there are 17 people in total. The leader, Andy MacIntyre, is 52 years of age living in Kentucky. He rode this route in 2005, and led tours twice in 2006, once in 2007. In Andy’s words, “I love this route! You get some of the best that the USA has to offer!” He also led the 2005 Great Divide Ride and the 2006 Northern Tier Expedition.

Some things about Andy! He rides a Surly Karate Monkey with disc brakes and uses Ortleib panniers. He prefers Continental Top Contact Touring tires (700x37c) with tire liners. He likes to travel very light so he plans to use a sleeping bag/bivy sack rather than a tent. He carries 3 pairs of short pants, 3 shirts, a nylon jacket and one set of rain gear; and rides in Shimano sandals. If it gets really cold, he'll just buy some cloth or whatever he needs along way.

As for the rest of the gang, there are 11 men and 5 women representing the following States and countries:

California (5)
Colorado (3)
New York (1)
Pennsylvania (1)
Virginia (1)
Washington (1)
Illinois (1)
Netherlands (1)
United Kingdom (2)

Wish us luck!

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