Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting It Done

There is a lot to do in getting ready for a major trip such as this. Besides the constant training with rides four or five days a week, I’ve been going over my equipment list and getting the gear together. Right now, the entire dining room area is laid out with my stuff: tent, sleeping bag and pad, bike cloth, camp cloth, rain gear, bike tools and spare parts, panniers, etc. I’m sure Kay will be glad when I’m finally on my way and the dining room is cleared. I also have to determine the best way to transport the bike and gear to San Diego. I will most likely take everything with me on the airplane. The bike will be packed into a large box and the gear stuffed into a large duffel bag. I plan to use the smaller front panniers as carry-on bags on the flight.

Because of this long trip, I also had the front yard redone to eliminate the lawn. This saves Kay from having to mow the grass during my two month absence. The new landscape will also work better in the future after we both have retired and begin traveling for extended periods. Below are before and after pictures of my front yard. I’ve always wanted a piece of the Sierras in my own yard. So now, the new landscape incorporates 11,000 lbs plus of moss rocks.

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